Nantero is using carbon nanotubes for the development of next-generation semiconductor devices, including memory, logic, and other semiconductor products. In the field of memory, Nantero has developed NRAM™, a high-density fast nonvolatile Random Access Memory. The company's objective is to deliver a product that will replace all existing forms of memory, such as DRAM and flash memory, with NRAM™ serving as universal memory. The potential applications for the nonvolatile memory Nantero is developing are extensive and include the ability to enable instant-on computers and to replace the memory in devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and more, as well as many applications in the networking and enterprise systems arena. NRAM™ can be manufactured for both standalone and embedded memory applications.

NRAM™ samples have already been shipped to multiple selected customers and is under development at multiple production CMOS fabs by Nantero and its licensees. These samples are multimegabit arrays that demonstrate high yield, high speeds, high reliability (>10 years at 300°C), extremely low power consumption, and many other attractive characteristics.

Nantero is the first company to actively develop semiconductor products using carbon nanotubes in a production CMOS fab. Nantero is also the first company to develop microelectronic-grade carbon nanotube material, compatible with production CMOS fabs. Nantero's extensive intellectual property portfolio currently includes over 200 United States patent applications, of which over 175 have already been granted and many more around the world.

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